NicMarie Design's mission is to encourage and inspire empowerment through self-care, so that we may Breath Confidence throughout our day. 

Each made-by-hand item embodies the power of nature by using only pure plant products in skin and hair care products and incorporating our earth's healing crystals, semi-precious stones, lava rocks, and metals. 

Founded by Nicole Marie Kosh, after becoming completely overwhelmed by trying to heal trauma and not knowing where to begin, she one-by-one discovered small acts of self-care that inspired NicMarie Design -  Breathe Confidence, LLC. Created in 2019, this process continues to provide a major means of dealing with her own healing journey. 

Since having a life-time of dry, sensitive skin, and an eczema diagnosis post-trauma, she now creates gentle skincare products applying her knowledge of the many uses of essential oils and benefits of vegan, plants-only, ingredients. Combining her long-standing work in multimedia art, she also designs award-winning innovative jewelry and accessories that some of which incorporate aromatherapy.

Nicole was born in Washington, DC, raised in Great Falls, VA, and lived in Philadelphia, PA, and California. She has a background in Nursing and Education and is a graduate of Communications from Pennsylvania State University.  She currently resides in West Chester, PA, and Rehoboth Beach, DE.

Nicole Kosh